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Aromatic Candles

Scented candles, with their warm and delicate aromas, make the difference between a well-decorated space and a warm and welcoming home.

With them any environment can become a relaxing and magical place, that evokes other times and places.

For this reason, aromatic candles have become one more element of our decoration, and a fabulous detail to give as a gift, either at Christmas or at any other time of the year.

On the other hand: candles too are symbols of renewal, enlightenment and purification. That is why they are used so often in different liturgical traditions throughout the world, that they are used to promote meditation the stop create a more suggestive and romantic atmosphere.

In addition, depending on the aroma they give off, they can also have energizing, decongestant, relaxing or stimulating effects on us, and enhance a certain state of mind.

From Mommy's Soaps we offer you a collection of beautiful Aromatic candles, made with 100% natural Soy wax, obtained from sustainable cultivation and free of Petroleum derivatives.

We sincerely hope you enjoy them. 

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