Canned Candles 125 ML

We have created this fun collection of 125 ML canned candles so that you can access the best combinations of aromas that we have searched for you.

Floral, citrus, daring... enjoy them in any environment of your home or office.

and remember!

Once your candle is consumed, give the pot a second life by turning it into a pencil holder, or into a beautiful pot for your indoor plants... whatever your imagination dictates.

And if you dare and publish a review of the candle with a photo of your recycled can, we will send you a discount coupon!!

we want to hear you!!

  1. Whiskey & Caramel Scented Candle
  1. Violet & Jasmine Scented Candle
  1. Grapefruit & Sugar Cane Scented Candle
  1. Pear & Freesia Scented Candle
  1. Lemon & Raspberry Scented Candle
  1. Pomegranate & Plum Scented Candle
  1. Cognac & Vanilla Scented Candle
  1. Coconut & Tequila Scented Candle
  1. Coconut & Citrus Scented Candle
  1. Orange & Verbena Scented Candle