Micas and Pigments by Mad Micas

For a long time we have been looking for the best products to offer you, and that is why we are very proud to be Official Distributors of Mad Micas for Southern Europe.

Mad Micas scours the earth for the best colors, to bring you the highest quality, ethically sourced mica available in the known universe.

It is a perfect mica for you to use in your creations, for example in soaps, bath products, makeup, resin crafts, nail polish, epoxy and any other application that requires vibrant and stable colorants of unmatched quality.

  1. Peacock Turquoise Teal Mica
  1. Voodoo Red-Pink Mica
  1. Key West Blue Mica
  1. Envy Green Mica
  1. Grape Ape Neon Purple Pigment
  1. I Dream of Purple
  1. Tennis Ball Breaker Neon Yellow Pigment
  1. Pow! Pow! Purple Mica
  1. Snake Island Green Mica
  1. Radiocative Neon Green Pigment
  1. Tangerine Dream Orange Mica
  1. Ballet Slippers Pink Mica
  1. Twilight Blue Mica
  1. True Red MIcas Color Set
    Sold Out
  1. Golden Buddha Gold Mica
  1. Sakura Pink Mica - Uncharted Colors Collection
  1. Guava Lava Pink Mica
  1. Aphrodite Blue Mica
  1. Sexy Stranger on a Train Brown Mica
  1. King Tut Gold Mica
  1. Spicy Tomato Brick-Red Mica
  1. La La Yellow Mica
  1. Hot Pants Pink Mica
  1. Flotation Device Neon Orange Pigment