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  • The average delivery time for shipments to the peninsula is around 48/72 business hours, once dispatched.

  • Please take this into account when calculating the arrival times of your orders.

BrambleBerry micas

Discover the Charm of Brambleberry micas: A Universe of Color Waiting to Be Explored**

Welcome to a world of overflowing creativity and exquisite tones. We present the Brambleberry Micas, a collection that opens the doors to a range of chromatic possibilities never before explored. Are you ready to immerse yourself in an ocean of vibrant and captivating colors?

Our Brambleberry Micas are not simply pigments; They are flashes of inspiration waiting to be unleashed in your creations. From silky softness to dazzling intensity, each mica holds the promise of transforming your projects into visual masterpieces.

Whether you're passionate about making candles, soaps, personal care products, or art projects, Brambleberry Micas will give you the perfect palette to bring your boldest ideas to life. Each mica is an invitation to immerse yourself in the diversity of color, allowing you to create everything from soft and peaceful tones to vivid and exciting explosions.

Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in each pigment. Brambleberry Micas are designed to resist and shine in all types of applications, ensuring that your creations are as durable as they are impressive.

Get ready to leave a lasting impression with the Micas Brambleberry collection. Dare to explore, experiment and take your creations to the next level. Your imagination is the only limit, and our lenses are the perfect tool to take it further.

Enter the universe of Brambleberry Micas and discover the magic of color. Your next project is waiting for you!


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